Environmental Impact


Respect For Our Enviornment With A Focus On Sustainability

We are acutely aware our business operation depends on natural resources. We use them, and turn them into products for people to cherish and enjoy.  At 4W we take our responsibility of lessoning the burden we place on our environment seriously. To this end we employ the methods outlined below.


FSC Certified Lumber

The Forest Stewardship Council main mission is to help protect the forests of the world. They do this by setting up the means to track lumber from the time it’s planted  all the way to when it’s sold to the end user. By using lumber that’s been certified along the FSC path we can be sure we’re using tree’s that have been harvested in eco-conscience ways.


Domestic Materials

While we do use imported lumber for some products when ever possible we use domestic materials in our production. We work with several companies in  New York that mill lumber collected locally, and purchased from arborists. This keeps trees out of landfills, and saves energy transporting lumber from long distances. 

Limit Production Waste

We use CAD programs to help determine  material cut sheets and usage. This keeps the waste we produce to a minimum.


Carbon Neutral Shipping

We use shipping companies such as UPS that allow ourselves and our clients to choose to participate in carbon neutral shipping. Through various means the shipping companies help give back to the environment. You can learn more about the carbon neutral effort by visiting the carbon neutral website.