Custom Sizing.

Crafted upon ordering.

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Designer Piet Houtenbos

Lead time 8-14 weeks

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Wynd is a new way to think about desk storage – it’s designed to be as thin as possible while maintaining useful storage. Thinness poses a unique problem for old fashioned drawers: to access anything larger than a pencil you’re forced to move your chair back to pull the drawer all the way open and retrieve the item. Instead, with no visible hardware (even underneath!), Wynd splits in two to reveal its contents.


Like Magic

Wynd’s tray is opened by pressing down on its felt lined surface. Once fully open the tray stays open for you to get what you need or put your stuff away.  Just lift up the tray and Wynd will defy gravity and stay closed.  No latches locks or anything to fuss with.  Its clever hardware makes it feel just like magic.