Give your albums the home they deserve.

Custom Sizing.

Crafted upon ordering.

For pricing please call 1 (646) 543-4253 or send an inquire using this form.

Designer Joel Seigle.

Estimated time to ship 10 weeks.



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Whether you’ve been collecting vinyl for decades or years, your most likely passionate about each album you own. Sadly there’s a large percentage of albums living in cheap milk crates. It’s not because no one loves them, it’s because there have not been many stylish storage choices devoted to vinyl records available in recent years. We’re changing that with Wax! Our shelf unit will hold approximately 300 of your favorite albums. The case is made from solid air dried domestic black walnut. There are leather covered tambour doors which enclose the top and bottom sections separately. The leather clad legs are another unique feature that makes this piece stand out. Custom sizes are available, please send us your request and we will provide an estimate as soon as possible.