Studio 4W Fine Art Print Sea Biscuit Nº 042

Studio 4W Fine Art Print Sea Biscuit Nº 042


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A beautiful serene image that will impart visual interest wherever it’s displayed. The square format will make a print the longer of the two sides, thus a 16×20 print will be 20×20.
Artists Note
“This print is part of my patterns in nature series.  Photographing creatures that live in the oceans is one of my favorite things to do. It’s fascinating to me that an animal that lives in the sea would have a pattern of flower petals on it.” – Jonathan Hale


Untitled 0242, Jonathan Hale

2013, Jonathan Hale

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Archival Black Museum Framing 16×20, Archival Black Museum Framing 20×24, Archival Black Museum Framing 30×40, Archival Walnut Museum Framing 16×20, Archival Walnut Museum Framing 20×24, Archival Walnut Museum Framing 30×40, Archival Mahogany Museum Framing 16×20, Archival Mahogany Museum Framing 20×24, Archival Mahogany Museum Framing 30×40, Archival Acrylic Print 20×24, Archival Acrylic Print 30×40, Archival Acrylic Print 40×48