Studio 4W Fine Art Print Flora Nº 080

Studio 4W Fine Art Print Flora Nº 080


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Photographed in 2009 at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. This archival digital print is part of Jonathan Hale’s Flora series, which seeks to highlight the often complex patterns and beauty found in nature. The series accomplishes this goal by seeking out the compositions and small details that often go unnoticed in our busy modern lives.
Artists Note
“While touring the gardens there were beautiful flowers and plants everywhere you looked. As I moved from one area to the next I walked underneath a small tree that was part of a transition area, it was not meant to be looked at and admired. Looking up the sunlight was streaming though the leaves creating a perfect lightbox effect. While pointing my camera straight up into the air I spent several minutes composing my image.  During this time a small group stopped to look at what I was photographing. That moment felt good, I was happy people discovered a small thing of beauty they might have passed right by.” – Jonathan Hale.



2009 – Jonathan Hale

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